ASE presents a new line of industrial RFID BLE readers – December 2020


ASE is pleased to present a new family of RFID BLE readers, suitable for industrial use.

These products have the ability to identify active BLE tags (based on Bluetooth Low Energy technology), up to distances of 200 meters. The readers, realized in a plastic container with IP65 protection, are suitable to resist to hostile environments, allowing to acquire information on each RFID BLE tag present in their operative field, in order to obtain status and position of each tag in real time.

BLE technology allows obtaining presence, position, sensor data, for every high-level industrial application and for every IoT and Industry 4.0 application. Thus, it is possible to obtain tracks on the movements of things and people indoors, in an industrial environment and in real time.

Moreover, it is also possible to obtain traces of movements, vibrations, shocks and thermal trends of any moving organ, ensuring an efficient scheduled maintenance.

Readers BLE.pdf