ASE presents a new UHF RFID reader/bracelet – January 2021


ASE introduces a new UHF RFID reader/bracelet, with wireless data download via Bluetooth technology.

This reader, capable of identifying UHF RFID passive tags up to distances of 20 cm, is made of a compact plastic container, suitable to withstand hostile environments, and allows the acquisition of information for each UHF RFID tags present in its field of operation, transmitting the collected data through a special Bluetooth connection.

The wristband, ideal for any application of data collection, IoT and Industry 4.0, is made of soft anti-allergic silicone, allowing a continuous use, durable, reliable, in any working environment, both civil and industrial.

In addition, this product does not require any application software, as the transmission is carried out in HID mode (keyboard emulation), you just need a connected device with Bluetooth technology which support the data download.