February 6, 2018

HID Global

Ase is the Italian distributor for RFID products of HID Global IDT. These products are distinguished by their high reliability and accurate quality control. Particularly oriented
February 6, 2018


Chainway Information Technology, based in Shenzhen-China, is an innovative data collection device manufacturer and a professional provider of products and solutions for RFID and barcode technologies.
February 6, 2018


Elatec is a RFID manufacturer established in 1988, headquartered in Munich, specialized in designing and manufacturing close proximity contactless (NFC, RFID, Bluetooth) as well as contact
October 6, 2017


BlueBox is a line of RFID readers designed, created and produced entirely in Italy. OEM RFID readers, Desktop, Industrial, Mobile readers, all with the same technology
October 6, 2017


Scemtec is a leading manufacturer of RFID readers, mainly focused on industrial field. Scemtec products are certified, reliable and higly performant. Scemtec-gmbh.de
October 5, 2017


IEE is an innovative developer of specialized sensing systems. IEE sensing systems are dedicated to the following markets: Automotive, Building Management & Security, Medical, Health and