ASE has over 20 years of experience that let the company and its collaborators give an added value to every solution they propose.

ASE was born in 1996 in Emilia Romagna as a commercial company with the aim to promote new technologies and new electronic solutions. On those years, RFID technology was an emerging field and it has actually become one of the main operative technologic sector.

Since the beginning ASE stood up for the quality of its products, for the wide range and for the multiple options proposed to customers. ASE has strengthen its knowledge in the RFID world and nowadays have one of the greatest expertise in the automatic contactless identification. RFID components distributed by ASE, chosen among the main companies around the world, cover the entire range of the operative frequencies used on different identification operative fields.

In the application for the traceability and planning sector, ASE works with companies from the food industry to the automotive industry and with several manufacturing companies as well.

The technical background of ASE, with the substantial experience in some of the most important implementation projects of RFID technology in Italy, makes the company the ideal partner to work with for every kind of support work with the goal of reliable identification solutions. It is our intention to built a close and long-lasting relationship with our customers to guarantee best service.

Recently ASE has entered into business agreements with European companies who made a name for themselves for the technological development and for some specific items on their production on the RFID market. All this is due to prove the acknowledged competence of ASE, the willing of work side by side with its own clients and the capacity of proposing always a state-of-the-art technology.