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A12727U is an integrated UHF RFID industrial reader with 865 MHz – 870 MHz work band, which communicates with a ‘host’ system (typically PC or PLC) through RS232 / RS485 / Wiegand serial line or Ethernet 10-100M. A12727U is able to manage a digital output (relay, in the StandAlone version) and a trigger input to activate the reading mode by external command. Equipped with convenient industrial M12 connectors with IP67 protection rating, it is recommended for outdoor applications such as data collection and access control and guarantees an IP65 degree of protection. The reader has an integrated antenna with circular polarization that allows to obtain reading distances of the tags up to 7 meters. The support kit (screws and nuts) and the bracket supplied, allow an easy installation of the reader. A12727U comes with demo software and technical manual for immediate use.

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